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New! Microblading Brow Colors rich. Easy to work with.

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You'll love the richness and ease of working with Almond, Brazil and Choklat Browns from Kolorsource. 

  • Strong enough for Microblading yet lasting enough for any hairstroke technique. 
  • Concentrated formula delivers more color than "water" formulas. 
  • Use Kolorsource rich colors that are warm, rich and soft enough to look natural in your client's brows. 
  • Three unique blends make up your choice of warm (Almond), Neutral (Brazil) and Darker (Choklat) brow colors. 
  • Iron Oxide Free.
  • No green undertones. 
  • Microblading?  Get the ABC Trio and Save 25% until July 31st.
    Want to try them?  Small bottles available soon.

Contact Kolorsource

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Toll Free (888) 452-4946  email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it Fax: 800-238-1203.


Breakthrough! Conquer Tattoo Blue Brows and Eyeliner. Introducing B2B Modifiers.

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You know you've got the Tattoo Blues, if, a) Your client comes in with Blue Gray eyebrows that were done 10-20 years ago, or b) if you have a client with old eyeliner that looks the same as an old tattoo.  B2B stands for Blue to Brown or Blue to Black.

We all know Tattoo Ink heals blue over time. That's okay if you're a sailor.  But it's not okay if it's your eyebrows or eyeliner. You'll agree it's difficult to warm up a "Tattoo Ink" blue brow for long. It just keeps coming back, no matter how hard you try.
First of all, a pure black has blue undertones and this includes most black whether they are a carbon bB2B-Trio-838-344-839-Bottomslack or an inorganic black. Ask any artist and they'll agree.  And when they made lead paint illegal, artists lost their blacks that stayed black. Tattoo Inks (carbon black) last a lifetime.  You can see one just by the blue and gray color. It's common to see women with the blues.B2B-Trio-838-344-839

We've made B2B Tattoo Blue Modifiers for both brows and eyeliner.  It takes two visits.  Use the DARK B2B for Eyeliner (Item 839) and the MEDIUM for Brow (Item 844).  The LIGHT B2B is for rubbing into the brows only to make them a bit lighter over broken skin.

Tip:  Add a drop or two of B2B Dark to your eyeliner black.  Also, use B2B Medium alone for a rich, medium "nutty" brown.

Gerard Brows Small

Click here to see Brow Modifier Medium over Blue/Gray Tattoo Ink Brow


BAS™ Brow Assessment Score

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Introducing the BAS™, the Brow Assessment Score. To be the best at brows,  the BAS™ will guide you and your client to success.  We now have needles and colors to do fine hair-like strokes without spreading. We may choose to add shading and highlights.  Multiple colors are now availalbe to do needed corrections to both shape and color.  Angry clients with a history of psychological and self-esteem issues and those with unrealistic expectations can now focus on just how their brows can be more pleasing.  Professionals "fix" problem brows that are blue, purple, pink, orange or odd-shaped. We've got what it takes to warm up "tattoo ink" brows,  neutralize pinkey-orangey brows, balance asymmetrical brows, and restore dignity to alopecia clients.

In an effort to do a thorough Brow Evaluation and Brow Plan, as well as aide educate our clients, I have created this BAS™, Brow Assessment Score™ shown below.  You can see that a total of 30 points is possible.  Unlike Dancing with the Stars, this is not a good thing.  The lower the score the more straightforward the procedure is.  See the two examples of using the BAS™ on the righthand side of the chart below.  I welcome your comments, questions and ideas. Thank you very much,  Linda Dixon MDDixon Brow Assessment Score


KolorSmart™ Lipcolors by Kolorsource: More color. No kidding.

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SmartLip™ Red 742, below, heals a beautiful, natural and rich cool lipcolor.
Another favorite is SmarLip™ Profound Red 617.  A very powerful color.


KolorSmart™ Lipcolors by Kolorsource: More color. Less time. Less pain!

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Smart-Lip-HandoutCoochie2 woman signIRed 742f you're discouraged with lips because they are too painful, don't keep their color, have splotchy results, take too long and you get stressed even at the thought of doing lips then you're not alone.  Have you had to add orange to your lipcolors to keep them from turning blue?  How about having little to no color after working so hard to get beautiful lips.  Tired of explaining to your clients that lipcolor doesn't last long? Have you ever tried to discourage a client from even getting lipcolor because you knew you just couldn't give them what they wanted?  Well, things are changing.  For the better.  Dr. Dixon has developed an entirely new technique for lipcolor as well as colors that are sure to please you and your clients.  Introduced at a conference in Disneyland on August 2nd, it became apparent that "dreams really can come true".  Even for lipcolor.  You can order her DVD and Smart Lip Guide to get you started.  From pain control to the proper tools, technique and colors, you can relax and start enjoying lipcolor clients.  Dr. Dixon shares her information with you and is offering Bootcamps on her Smart Lips™ Technique.  Click here.  Call 888/452-4946 to reserve your place in 2014.  You'll have several favorites such as Red 742 Natural Cool, Lip 846 Rich Peach and Lip 617 Profound Red.  Red 742 is the most popular.  It heals a vibrant, natural cool red.  Both lips below are healed and done with Red 742.  The lip on the right needs her lipline crisped up on her touchup.

Lip healed 742Lip healed 742 BabyLips

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