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2014 AAM Convention Oct 10-13 Miami-Bahamas Cruise

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You are invited to the 2014 American Academy of Micropigmentation Xpo aboard the Majesty of the Seas for a 3 night, 2 day cruise from Miami to the Bahamas.  Presentations include How to Master Microblading, Eyeshadow, Pigment Removal Techniques, Microneedling, 3D Areola Tattoo, Scalp Stippling, Marketing for Tough Times, "Porkchop" Cheek Color and Magical Makeup Techniques.  Dr. Linda Dixon, Tina Davies, Joyce Cirasuola, Jody Stoski, Paula Pilmanis, Kathy Christoffersen, Joyce Bamburg, Rhonda Vacanti, Debra Rasberry, Lorena Oberg, Shauna Magrath and Andrea Darby are some of the speakers who will share their techniques and experience with you.  You'll receive 12 hours of CME Credits from the American Academy of Micropigmentation PLUS a year's membership in the AAM and all demonstrations and presentations for a flat fee of $500.  The Majesty of the Seas Ship will depart Miami on October 10th and return the morning of October 13th.  3 nights and 2 days.  You'll have time to go ashore in the Bahamas.  Price for cruise including 3 meals a day, entertainment, a midnight buffet and free room service is $345.00 (includes all port fees and taxes).  Double occupancy.  CLICK HERE for more Information.


Brow Colors just for Hairstrokes

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Struggling with hairstrokes?  You're not alone.  But we have some good news for you.  First, a bit of history...

Dr. Linda Dixon (that's me) has been observing the way brow "hairstrokes" heal in the skin over a period of many years. First I looked at needles, examining different configurations and needle textures, tapers and sizes under the microscope, comparing them to my own brow hairs that I plucked out "for the sake of science". My own attempts to master "hairstrokes that stay put", rather than spread or blur or merge together has finally resulted in crisp, clean hairstrokes when using a Microblading technique with needles and pigments I've has developed specifically for this purpose.  It's no wonder we've all had trouble with hairstrokes when you realize the needles we have used are 3-5 times bigger than the actual human eyebrow hair.

2005 South Korea: Tiny Park invited me to judge an eyebrow competition in Seoul where over 400 professionals did hairstrokes on dummies with a handtool and black ink. Professionals from China and Japan joined the South Koreans doing a technique known as feathering or embroidery.  2009 Moscow, Russia: I nearly froze to death in Moscow, as a guest of Anna Savina, I judged yet another eyebrow competition with my friend Massimo who owns Biotek.  "Their work was beautiful, amazing".   "In the end, I was the one who learned a lot in addition to sharing my new Slope® needles".  There are many gifted artists in our profession, but I'm not one of them".  So I had to analyze, research and study how to make brow hairstrokes friendly "to the rest of us".

I had long observed the different directions eyebrow hairs grow in various ancestry groups.  My technique evolved to mirror the direction of each hair when doing hairstrokes.  But my clumsy attempts to connect hairstrokes resulted in leaning picket fences connected by a diagonal line.  Patients would point out an area between hairstrokes and politely say "Dr. Dixon, you missed some color here".  Just when I was gaining a little confidence that I could do hairstrokes, someone wanted a more "solid brow".  Over the years, my Bootcamps included experts in brow techniques, including hairstrokes.  But I was always too busy to observe them.  The experts included Tina Davies, Jody Stoski, Paula Pilmanis, Carol Packman, Joyce Cirasuola, Joyce Bamburg and Mary Ritchersen.  Rhonda Vacanti, Shauna Magrath and Tina Bryson were gifted artists who helped with their invaluable experience as well.  "We all wanted the same thing", I realized.  "We wanted to be the best and to share our information with others who also wanted to be the best."

I often refer to my Microblading Hairstrokes as "The Emperor's Clothes" Hairstrokes.  "You don't want to see them [the hairstrokes] sometimes when you just need to add a few hairs in here and there among sparse eyebrows."  "Even if you do need to put in a lot of hairstrokes, as in an alopecia client, it's nice to not observe a tell-tale tattooed brow look", she chuckles.  That's why, in May,  I will be joined by Tina Davies and Joyce Cirasuola in Florida for BROWMASTERS™ 2-Day Workshops on May 4-5 (class full) and May 6-7.  "I'm eager to help you get the competence and confidence you need to master hairstrokes!"


Angie's List Article "Who Should get Permanent Makeup?"

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CLICK HERE: Angie's List Article "Who Should get Permanent Makeup?"  BY Linda Dixon MD and Sandra Caballero

Keep in mind that less may be best. Avoid regrets by going conservative. Removing permanent makeup is difficult and leaves a change in skin texture, Dixon says. “You can always add [color] but you cannot always take it away,” she says.


Breakthrough! Conquer Tattoo Blue Brows and Eyeliner. Introducing B2B Modifiers.

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You know you've got the Tattoo Blues, if, a) Your client comes in with Blue Gray eyebrows that were done 10-20 years ago, or b) if you have a client with old eyeliner that looks the same as an old tattoo.  B2B stands for Blue to Brown or Blue to Black.

We all know Tattoo Ink heals blue over time. That's okay if you're a sailor.  But it's not okay if it's your eyebrows or eyeliner. You'll agree it's difficult to warm up a "Tattoo Ink" blue brow for long. It just keeps coming back, no matter how hard you try.
First of all, a pure black has blue undertones and this includes most black whether they are a carbon bB2B-Trio-838-344-839-Bottomslack or an inorganic black. Ask any artist and they'll agree.  And when they made lead paint illegal, artists lost their blacks that stayed blacks. Tattoo Inks (carbon black) last a lifetime.  You can see one just by the blue and gray color. It's common to see women with the blues.B2B-Trio-838-344-839

We've made B2B Tattoo Blue Modifiers for both brows and eyeliner.  It takes two visits.  Use the DARK B2B for Eyeliner (Item 839) and the MEDIUM for Brow (Item 844).  The LIGHT B2B is for rubbing into the brows only to make them a bit lighter over broken skin.

Gerard Brows Small

Click here to see Brow Modifier Medium over Blue/Gray Tattoo Ink Brow


BAS™ Brow Assessment Score

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Introducing the BAS™, the Brow Assessment Score. To be the best at brows,  the BAS™ will guide you and your client to success.  We now have needles and colors to do fine hair-like strokes without spreading. We may choose to add shading and highlights.  Multiple colors are now availalbe to do needed corrections to both shape and color.  Angry clients with a history of psychological and self-esteem issues and those with unrealistic expectations can now focus on just how their brows can be more pleasing.  Professionals "fix" problem brows that are blue, purple, pink, orange or odd-shaped. We've got what it takes to warm up "tattoo ink" brows,  neutralize pinkey-orangey brows, balance asymmetrical brows, and restore dignity to alopecia clients.

In an effort to do a thorough Brow Evaluation and Brow Plan, as well as aide educate our clients, I have created this BAS™, Brow Assessment Score™ shown below.  You can see that a total of 30 points is possible.  Unlike Dancing with the Stars, this is not a good thing.  The lower the score the more straightforward the procedure is.  See the two examples of using the BAS™ on the righthand side of the chart below.  I welcome your comments, questions and ideas. Thank you very much,  Linda Dixon MDDixon Brow Assessment Score


KolorSmart™ Lipcolors by Kolorsource: More color. No kidding.

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SmartLip™ Red 742, below, heals a beautiful, natural and rich cool lipcolor.
Another favorite is SmarLip™ Profound Red 617.  A very powerful color.

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