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Comfort Cream™ lives up to its name

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Comfort-Cream-Bottle-clip-smallComfort Cream™ is a pH balanced topical anesthetic cream for use by professionals. Your patients will appreciate Comfort Cream™ Topical anesthetic for many superficially painful procedures on eyelids and the face.  The pH is 7.22.  Safe for application directly to eyelids. Apply to eyelids and set timer for 20 minutes.  Do not use an occlusive dressing over the eyes.  Remove excess cream and begin procedure.  Maintain pain control with TAG #45 Gel and Numpot as needed. Click here to listen for yourself how a patient liked Comfort Cream. Not for use in eyes; if direct contact with eye occurs, rinse thoroughly with sterile eyewash or saline.

Crazy Good Duo™ Slope® Needle makes debut!

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Duo_closeupDuo_Eyeliner_Week_2Lydia_eyeliner_DuoMeet DUO™ Needle for the new Nouveau PRO handpiece. Look at the tips which are sloped on two edges; one with 4 needles and one with 2 needles.  You can use the top needle as a single needle.  This means you can do lining and shading with a single needle.  The first thing I noticed was how easily the color went into the skin.  The needles were out less than the thickness of a dime and I used firm, even pressure with my NC 1000 machine speed at 120.  Kolorsource NuBlack pigment.  The skin, as you can see, was very smooth JUST AFTER (R eye photo middle).  The photo of the Left eye was taken 2 weeks later (HEALED). This was an ULTRA-THICK eyeliner on the top.  You can see how swollen the upper eyelid got. I made a movie of the whole procedure and will post it on Youtube.com when completed. I am following this case day by day.  Zero color loss on healed eyeliner.  Zip.  Nada.  Hooah!  Click here for more information.

Finally! the 5-Square "DICE" needle is back.

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5_Point_Dice_NC_NeedleAt last!  After two years of waiting patiently, we've got our 5-Square "DICE" Shader Needle back.  It's so exciting because each needle is the same distance from every other needle near it so this is what is called a "PERFECT CONFIGURATION".  I really want to thank Bob Waters and Michelle Masline for going to bat for me to get this needle back which I had when Harmonix was still in business.  I use the 5-Slope® most of the time but this "DICE" 5 point Shader is great for eyeliner and the "wetline" as well as some lipcolor.  It's just a good needle because it carries so much color.  Click here to order a 10/pack of the "DICE" Needle.  Available in 1, 5, 10 and 15 packs too.

You're Invited to join us on FACEBOOK

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Hi, Screen_shot_2011-08-25_at_7.16.57_PM

I would like to personally invite you to join us on FACEBOOK.  Just send a friendship request and I'll take care of it right away.

Share photographs of cases that you do and ask questions or offer advice to others on the Kolorsource Facebook Site.

We'll keep you up to date with new ideas, new products and events. Just Click here:

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Brow Video Tutorial by Dr. Dixon on youtube.com

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Click on photo for youtube.com tutorial on this brow correction case first procedure.  She had her brows done in Texas about 5 years ago and they had turned orange.  (Hello?)  Anyway, she wanted the orange completely covered so we used Blonde NuBrown and then, for texture, added some hairstrokes with Dream NuBrown.  After two weeks, she was pretty well healed but had some orange still visible so we did a touchup visit and I'll show you the healed photos soon.  Thank you very much.before_after


Hair-Like Look for Brows

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 Paula Pilmanis is the inventor of the first patented handtool "pen", the Dermagraphics Pen, with slanted needles.  She has also invented the Brow Stamp and Lip Stamp.  See stampmefabulous.com.  At bootcamp Las Vegas, Oct 9-12, Paula demonstrated the proper choice and placement of her Brow Stamp and her hand-tool technique.Brows_Pilmanis_CindiA  legend in permanent makeup, here you can see Paula's "brow hair" look on Cindi Mathis.  Paula used her patented Brow Stamp® No. 4 to mark Cindi's brows and then completed the brow with Kolorsource Deep Brown and her patented handtool (single row of 10 needles). This is a natural looking brow that works to put glamour back into Cindi's eyes.  Thank you, Paula, from all of us at the October Las Vegas Bootcamp.


3 Tips from "Bootcamp" Breast Tattooing

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Bilateral_AreolasBootcamp_areolas_lasvegas_beforeTip #1:  Breasts are seldom perfectly symmetrical.  In the above case, we made the Left areola slightly smaller than the Right areola to compensate for the differences in size of the breasts.  Colors used:  Kolorsource Baby Lips.  Highlights: Neutral Flesh; Shadow: Brown Sugar.  The new Dixon DITTO™ needle was used in the Nouveau PRO handpiece which will be available November 2nd.  The Ditto™ is two-rows of 5 Slope® needles.  Twice as much of a good thing.

Rohlfs_Nancy_RNTip #2: Nancy Rolfs RN, of Michigan, joined us in Las Vegas for Bootcamp Breasts on October 11th and shared an interesting "tip" on how she approaches areola tattooing.  She sends her patients home with Band-Aid Round "Spots" and has them place them on their breasts where they would like to seeBand-Aid_Round_Spot_bandage them.  When they come in for their procedure, they have the bandaids placed where they like them and Nancy uses their choice as a guide.  Search term online:  Band-aid Round Spots.  They're 7/8" round.  Keep a box of 100 spots handy.

Tip #3:  If you've ever wondered how breast cancer reconstruction surgeries are done, go to this website: Click here: http://www.breastreconstruction.org  You'll appreciate what your client has endured for her breast cancer treatment and understand her scar placement.  They also have a link for Insurance Coverage for Breast Reconstruction.

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