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Palm Reading Predicts Undertones

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There's something to be said for Palm Reading and Permanent Makeup. Focus on the colors of the creases to give you an idea if the client will "hyperpigment" from your procedures or dry needling.  In black people, the creases are dark brown.  Take a look at the *thenar eminence of the palm, between your thumb and the wrist, and see how much pink or yellow exists.  Here you can tell how translucent the skin is as well.  So, when you're debating about your client's undertones, just have them hold out their hands, palms up!  It wouldn't hurt to photograph their palms too.  For the record.  Call it the Palms UP Scale.  It may beat the Fitzpatrick Scale Hands DOWN!


Slope® Technique Amazing

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Curious about Dixon Technique? Click here

The Slope™ Technique is a love story between a handtool slanted needle and a rotary machine. The Dixon Slope™ needle is angled perfectly to be used just like a makeup brush. 32º slant. The color goes in and stays in.  Want to learn the Dixon Technique but you just don't have the time and money to travel?

There's good news.  You can now learn the Dixon Technique basics in your own home.  Dr. Dixon's new "Distance Learning" now includes "live" webinars via the Internet. Call toll free 888/664-9990.  We will notify you via email of our next webinar.  Translation available for German, Spanish, Dutch and Russian.  Webinars hosted for students and instructors in  Australia, South Africa, Germany, Holland, England, Russia, Israel, Turkey, Iran and Mexico.

The first Dixon Technique Live Webinar by Dr. Dixon will be held for Australia in conjunction with Lyn Quade.  For an up to date schedule go to: http://kolorsource.webex.com.  Click on Upcoming Sessions and then on the October 10th Topic Dixon Technique.  Call 888/664-9990.  The cost to attend this webinar is $99 per person.  Estimated time approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.


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