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Website Chat Question: Gray Sickness

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(04:10:50) Pam: Message left: Hello, I ordered some of your scar cover-ups. Noticed that I get a grayish color in the ink after several skin applications as I work, similar to a metallic build-up on the needles that pools in the color and in the skin. Any ideas of what is occurring? This has happened with other inks besides yours so I suspect it is the needles or the skin causing it. Also does retina a or vitamin c or uv rays eventually fade the color. What products should be used to help fade a too dark healed application? Thanks

(08:24:42) Linda: Dear Pam,  Pigments with a lot of titanium dioxide often turn gray from the heat and friction of the needles.  I've found that working with a handtool or the 5 Slope® needle there isn't any problem with the "gray sickness".  I learned this the hard way when trying to work on a lady's scars around her lipline.  The area where I was working kept getting darker, almost a steel dark gray color, instead of the color I wanted.  So I switched to using a handtool and voilá, no problem.  Also, when I work over large scars I use the digital (Nouveau or Harmonix) with a 5 Slope needle and haven't had any problem. One tip:  Oftentimes I just work over the scars with a dry needle and then "rub" in the color and let it soak in.  Scars, as you know, can "grab" color or resist color.  About Retin A and Vitamin C:  They won't fade things as fast as you need, if at all.  Perhaps you can attend one of my workshops in Las Vegas where I'll talk a lot about scars and camouflage and dry needling.  Remember, your needles are your friends and you get color out the same way you put color in.  Just go over the little scar on your leg with "dry needles", rub in a little FADE with Neutral Flesh and wait 10 minutes.  Wash it with eyewash and then open the skin again with "dry needles" and just rub in the Neutral Flesh.  Be patient and you'll be able to handle the "gray sickness".


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