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Pigment puddling makes it difficult to see

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On 9/8/10 6:03 PM, "Kolorsource" < This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it > wrote:


I have been using a midas for over a year now and notice that whenever I add a little pigment to the needle by pressing the foot pedal a second or two, that the pigment always puddles onto the skin when I start implanting the pigment, then it is difficult to see where I am implanting the pigment and I have to wipe the pigment off the skin.  Do the other permanent makeup machines do that as well?  I liked softap needles but color does not hold well


Hi Melissa,

Puddling can be from using too large of a tip for the needle size.  Also, do not dip your needles into the pigment while the machine is running.  Stop the machine while you dip.  Lastly, clean off the excess on the tip before you begin.

With aloha,



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