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Color question on Gray Haired Client

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 Dear Dr. Dixon,
If I have a gray haired Sr. who does not want to go dark and she has only a clump of dark gray eyebrows in the middle what color do you suggest? She liked coco nubrown but it was green on her skin tone. Also what would you do with her remaining brows? I am not so sure I can tint them. She would like to keep her remaining brows. Is there a color that will blend in with those remaining dark gray brows?


Hi Melanie,

We have colors designed for Gray Haired, Silver Hair and Salt and Pepper haired women.  They are the Taupe 1, 2 and 3 Colors also known as Taupe Trio.  Depending on your client, I would recommend Taupe 2 (Rich Taupe). She can keep her remaining eyebrows (by all means).  She can either have them dyed or use hair dye herself.

Aloha and thanks for asking.



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