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Thanks for Bootcamp and Question

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Hi Dr. Dixon,
First, and foremost I'd like to let you know I thoroughly enjoyed and learned from the Bootcamp!!!  It was amazing.  I keep going back to my notes to try another thing that I picked up.  (I haven't had time to organzie the notes yet.)  You are truely such an amazing, patient, generous, caring, sharing professional.  I wish the whole industry modeled themselves after you.  You have so much to give.  Thanks You for sharing with us!!!!
Have you ever seen vegetable dye tattoo for eyebrows.?  I had a client come in today with orangish eyebrows that she states she had them tattooed 2-3 years ago with vegetable dye, and the technician said it would go away in a year or two. Well, it didn't and she has these pink/orange eyebrows.   Any corrective suggesstions or should I leave her alone.?  I'm not sure If I want to treat her at all, she truely had "attitude" about me fixing this, but if I can help her I always try.
She would like a soft brown slight taupe color.  I have no pink brow fix on my shelf, so I thought it was an OMEN not to try it.
Please advise.  She wants me to do her on Monday at noon, If I get a positive answer from you and the product by then...(Monday)

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