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Skinmaster 7 machine Warranty and Repair

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  Skin Master No7  
  Sun, 03/19/17 2:27 pm  

Hi there. I'm interested in purchasing this machine. I have a couple questions:

1- does it have a warranty?  ANSWER: YES. One year repair or replace from date of purchase.

2- do you sell parts for it in case something happens? ANSWER: No, we do not sell parts because the handpiece is encased in a protective housing and only our engineer can access that area.

3- Will we need to get it serviced periodically? If so, where would I do that in-house?
ANSWER: NO. After the warranty period, if the machine stops then you just have to send it to our engineer for repair. He will replace the motor if necessary. Your cost is $100 for repair including motor replacement. You will get back your handpiece in working condition.


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