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Microblading Kit. "It's all in the bag!" Item No. 1162

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Microblading Colors 10 Lazy Susan

Call today for Information on the Complete Microblading Kit.
10 Pigment Colors; LOV Handle and 5 each 10 pt curved Microblading Cartridges and 5 each DITTO 10 pt 2-rows Dixon "Light touch" Powder Microblading Cartridge, TAG #45, UltraDuration, Numpot, Clear Brow Measurement "Brow Buddy"; Heavy-Duty LazySusan holds colors; FREE Bottle of Pigment; Finger Rings; Tote Insulated Bag with Microblading.com logo. Call 452-4946 and Ask for SET #8.  Favorite Microblading Colors! Almost Black 9640, Auburn 963, Blonde NuBrown 9908, Bubblegum 4400 (mix), Burnt Toast 8478, Dream NuBrown 45, Dark Brown Formula #5 (969), Honey NuBrown 44, Medium NuBrown 9907, Warmup Modifier 1047. Free Color of your Choice! Free Microblading Handout and DVD, Color Chart and 100 page Catalog. Everything you need to start today! $654.90 CLICK HERE

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