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Flesh tones should be applied to the desired area with a fine-tipped or lipstick type makeup brush and then go over the area with your needles. Wipe off pigment and inspect your work. Reapply flesh color with makeup brush and work over that area. Do NOT run your needles in the actual pigment or you may get too opaque of a result. Camouflage is a subtle achievement.
Pink Flesh
Scar camouflage. Choose closest to skin tone. Test small area, wait 3 weeks.
Pale Flesh
Adjust sparingly, repeat as necessary. Wait 3-4 weeks between sessions.
Yellow Flesh
Choose for warm skin tones. Also, to make superb flesh tones mix Ginger with White until desired color is achieved.
Hawaiian Flesh
Rich dark balanced red/yellow flesh. Add white for lighter tints and mix with Areola or lipcolors as desired.
Neutral Flesh
Few people realize collagen is gray so we’ve toned “neutral flesh” with a hint of gray. You’ll reach for Neutal Flesh often to camouflage small areas.

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