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Kolorsource Toll Free 888-452-4946 Fax 800-238-1203

Skinmaster Product Sheets Include Models and Pricing

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Click Below to download 6 page Skinmaster Information Sheets
Eyeliner Photo on Right: Before and Healed. 1 Procedure. Black Ice.#5 Round Needle in Skinmaster 3 machine.

Nurse Skinmaster Certificate webpageSkinmaster eyeliner Vo


Skinmaster 10 Video Instructions

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Have it Your Way! SkinMaster™ 10 Digital PMU/Microneedling machine #933

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At last! SkinMaster™ 10 lets you do 2 jobs with one machine. VIDEO CLICK HERE It's true! Hygienic digital cartridges for Permanent Makeup AND Microneedling. Patented backflow prevention design.  10 Speed Unit: Top of the line. Needle cartridges for PMU and Microneedling.  Needle cartridges in 1,3, and 5 ROUND. 4 and 6 flat. 12 pt MICRONEEDLE (not shown). Read this section twice to realize all the benefits of this unit. Needle Packs of 15 are as follows:  #1: $55, #3 round: $65.00, #5 round $75.00, #4 FLAT $70.00, #6 flat $80.00.  For 25 each of the 12 point Microneedles: $300.  You can purchase needles in increment of 5 each if you wish. Two additional Models:Skinmaster 3 (1,3 and 5 round cartridges only) with 3 speeds and the Skinmaster 5 with 5 speeds (can use with all cartridges). 888/452-4946. *Also ask about the Cordless models.


Alopecia... Add smiles not just brows! by Dr. Dixon

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Click on the page below to see the entire 10 page Newsletter.

PC Med Jan 2001


NuBrown™. Pigments with a Purpose since 2008

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NuBrown-pngThis month begins the 8th year of the NuBrown™ pigments for brows that promised "no pinkey, no orangey, no kidding!" That was the first purpose for creating the NuBrown family of brow colors which were introduced in January of 2008. The second purpose was for the increasing demand of having MRI-Safe brow colors with no ferro-magnetic iron oxides.  All-in-all, 11 colors were created.  When you see "Nu", look for the ORIGINAL pigments by Kolorsource which have been shipped worldwide from Texas to Turkey, Los Angeles to Lebanon, Palm Springs to Poland and San Francisco to Serbia.

Remember the days when our brow clients left looking great, only to return with brows that were pinkey, orangey or a salmon-color? It was so disappointing and frustrating. Some techs even threw in the towel, thinking nothing could be done about it.  If you stuck it out, like I did, then you'll agree we spent plenty of time trying to "fix" the color and assure our clients that this color change was normal. The opposite of pinkey-orangey can be greeny-ashy so we've learned to balance our brow colors as needed by our clients.  Many of our NuBrown™ colors are great for MICROBLADING, too.  In the end, NuBrown™ colors make you look good too.

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