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Breast Cancer Areola Video [10 Minutes]

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To watch a 10 minute Areola Video in a breast cancer survivor done by Dr. Dixon Click Here. Professionals of the American Academy of Micropigmentation SAAVE Project provide areola repigmentation to cancer survivors at no charge.  SAAVE stands for "Survivor Academy Action Volunteer Effort" and is offered by caring, compassionate micropigmentation professionals to those in their community.  Advanced workshops in Areola Procedures are offered by Academy members. This photo here is of a SAAVE patient who underwent "breast sparing" bilateral mastectomies (for cancer).  Her reconstruction, implants and areolar repigmentation gave her a pleasing result. For more information on the colors used in this video, click here.


Beautiful Universal Brow Colors. No Pinkey, No Orangey. No Kidding.

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We all know that dreaded orangey brow. That pinkey, orangey brow is a "hangover" from a blend of colors that fade unevenly.  Since brown isn't a color, it has to be blended from black or blue plus red and yellow.  When the black fades prematurely, you're left with the pinkey, orangey brow.  If the yellow fades early, you're left with a purpley brow.  Pigments are not good or bad.  But with traditional pigments you can get those tell tale unflattering color changes over time.  That's why now you can relax and enjoy the Kolorsource Nubrown family of brow colors.  No pinkey, no orangey.  No kidding.  SAVE StarSave 25% on Nubrown Set of Colors. 10 bottles.  Click here to order Nubrown Kit

Slope® Needle. Game changer.

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Left Eyelid before/after 7-Round Needle (1 Pass): Right Eyelid before/after 3-Slope Needle Used (1 pass)
It is helpful to see results with your own eyes and then make a decision as to what needle or pigment is
best.  In this case, the pigment Black Silk was used for both upper eyeliners.  On the Left eye, a 7-Power
Needle was used in a digital machine.  On the Right eye, a 3-Slope® Needle was used in the same
digital machine.  Only ONE pass was made on each upper eyelid before these photos were snapped.  The
procedure was completed using the 3-Slope® needle on both eyelids because of the visible difference
between the needles.


Lip Primer "good stuff"

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Linda, You know that old Murphy's law is real. After 9 + years it happened to me. If it weren't for the primer that Joyce encouraged me to buy, this lip procedure would have turned out much differently.  I had a young woman come to my office and wanted lip color so since I had the primer I tried it on her and it was the first time I used it. I had the woman medicated properly for her lip procedure and everything seemed fine. I lined her lips and shaded them with the primer then added a peachy color on top of that. Well two days later the woman called me and told me she had a major breakout all the way around her lips. I broke out in a cold and hot sweat. Not the kind of news I wanted to hear. So I am thinking OMG!!!!  not only is she suffering she is not going to have any color, I can't take the chance and do the procedure again so we waited and low and behold..... her lips held the color and the shape beautifully. The lipcolor on the right photo is the healed color.  I was so relieved I cannot express it. She doesn't even need another layer of color. All of her color was there... I had enhanced the shape and it was still there. Well I don't know yet how long that will last but for now it is there... She is happy, I am not the bad guy, and now she wants eyeliner. So what can I say except that

                                                                              DARLENE HESS

(click here for Lip Primer)


Palm Reading Predicts Undertones

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There's something to be said for Palm Reading and Permanent Makeup. Focus on the colors of the creases to give you an idea if the client will "hyperpigment" from your procedures or dry needling.  In black people, the creases are dark brown.  Take a look at the *thenar eminence of the palm, between your thumb and the wrist, and see how much pink or yellow exists.  Here you can tell how translucent the skin is as well.  So, when you're debating about your client's undertones, just have them hold out their hands, palms up!  It wouldn't hurt to photograph their palms too.  For the record.  Call it the Palms UP Scale.  It may beat the Fitzpatrick Scale Hands DOWN!

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