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Microblade Practice Brows Rubber #879MICROBLADING Handout by Dr. Dixon #989

MICROBLADE Practice Kit #877
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MICROBLADE Practice Kit #877

Price per Unit (piece): $69.00

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altMicroblading Practice kit includes: 1 ea. Skinmaster LOV needle and 1 ea. Ditto needle with Skinmaster Handle, Silicone Practice eyebrows,  Leather practice face, 3M Microfoam tape, Kolorsource BB Black Brown Pigment.

Instructions: Read the "Train Your Brain™" sheet. Cut 2.5" strips of Microfoam tape and adhere to brow area above eyes on Practice Face.  Use Stencil to mark brow borders on the tape.  Shake pigment thoroughly and put in Pigment Ring or cup. Begin Microblading over foam tape, taking care to dip before each stroke.  Take care to not press too hard and slice through tape.  When you do this, you'll know you need to practice so you get the right feeling for how much pressure is needed to make hairstrokes.  It's better to make whispy strokes at first and then gradually use more pressure as needed.

Do not work with empty needles.  DIP TAP STROKE means to Dip your needle before blading each time.  Tap the beginning of your stroke to get pigment into tips and between tips of the needles.  The pull (drag) or push your needles for the actual hairstroke.  Practice makes perfect.  It's a proven fact that the more you practice the better you will succeed on actual clients.

Customer Reviews:

Kimberlyellenart  (Monday, 28 July 2014)
Rating: 5
Incredible value and absolutely essential for someone interested in learning the microblading technique. It would also be awesome to include an instructional DVD as I have not been able to find any helpful microblading videos online. Thanks for this package!

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