Powerful machine with 19 speeds good for all permanent makeup, scalp, microblading and microneedling procedures.
Diamondâ„¢ Features: Powerful motor with 19 speeds
Can be used for scalp treatments. Retractable handpiece stand design. Wide LED display of current speed setting. Touch panel control. Uses REVO needle cartridges, many by Dr. Dixon's design.

The Diamond is a Universal Machine that can be used anywhere in the world. 110 to 130 v. The cord is 6 feet long. The Diamond console is 4" High and 5.5" round.

Both the Diamond machine and handpiece are for 12 V only. It cannot use any other power supply or any other handpiece. Likewise, you cannot use the handpiece with any other power supply or wall power.

The speed control is on the console and you can cover the machine with a plastic sheet.

The handpiece stand can retract into the machine if you wish.