YEyeliner-Blue-Fix-335-clipou're not alone if you have blue eyeliners when you wanted black.  This is most commonly a result of tattoo inks but most blacks have blue undertones.  We call this the "tattoo blues".  Step 1:  You have to control the unwanted color or undertone, in this case blue.  Step 2:  Using a 3 or 5 Slope® needle, make 2-3 passes over the blue eyeliner with 839 Dark B2B (Blue to Black) or BLUE EYELINER FIX.  The reason I say to use a Slope® needle is because it puts all the color into the same depth at the same time and acts like a "blanket of color" over the blue eyeliner.  Step 3:  Make your last pass with Black Ice.  My favorite eyeliner needle is the DUO™ V-Slope Needle in the Nouveau PRO handpiece.  If you do not have this handpiece and needle, just use the 3 or 5 Slope® in your regular Nouveau handpiece.

Here is what one customer said:  "The Blue liner fix and black bean that I used to correct what was done before took about 80% of the blue out.  I had told her that we may have to do a 2nd treatment, so that is what we will do.  I just wanted to thank you for your time and tell you how happy I was with the blue liner fix….it worked amazingly well.  I truly believe that after our next treatment, she will be very happy and be able to put the negative experience she had before  behind her once and for all and enjoy her liner."