It makes sense that a handtool Slope® needle should have two edges.  One with a longer edge, say 8 needles, and a shorter edge, say 3 needles.  And maybe a needle could have one edge with needles that are slightly finer than the other edge.  So it seems obvious now that Dr. Dixon's 2-in-1 Velvet Needles® for the permanent makeup handtool have some advantages over a plain slanted needle.  And most agree it's nice to have a choice of edges when doing fine work on the eyes, lips and brows.  In fact, it was such a good idea that the US Patent Office issued US Patent No. 7,695,486. Named "Victory" Needles by Dr. Dixon because their tips look like "V's", these needles are beloved by many.  In addition to their unique, patented design, they are Velvet Needles® which means the texture and taper of each needle is such that the diamond polished tips actually have "color pockets" that hold pigment and deliver it to the skin with each tap.  So you'll get in more color in less time and you can use each needle at least two ways for an extra measure of control. We're available to answer your questions online (see home page) or by calling toll free 888/664-9990.