FAKE copies are now easy to detect. Enjoy the confidence and peace of mind to trust your clients safety and hygiene with authentic, guaranteed SKINMASTER™ machines and STERILE needle cartridges. Each needle cartridge has the date and manner of sterilization and Certificates are available here online as they have been for several years.

SKINMASTER-7-componentsMICRO Blading, MICRO Needing, MICRO Pigmentation. You name it! Now you've got a machine and needles for all three procedures. Heaven? Sort of. Power? Yes, lots of power with 7 different levels which you control right in the handpiece at the touch of a button.  Press and hold down 3 seconds to start and stop.

The new Skinmaster 7 comes with these components in the box. 

1. Digital handpiece with LED Readout above the On/Off Switch and Speed Control Button.
2. Magnetic cradle turns handpiece off when you set it inside.  Handpiece starts again when you remove it from the cradle and at the same speed you were using.
3. Wall Plug with European and US Adapters. 8' cord is long for your convenience.

1. Takes REVO hygienic cartridges in 1, 3, 5, 7, 4 flat, 6 flat, 5 Slope®, 10 Slope® (6-4); 10 Ditto (2 rows of 5 slope); DUO Slope® (two edges 1-4 needles); 12 point Microneedling cartridge plus 9 Magnum and more. The 10 point Curved LOVé Needle™ handles two techniques in one needle including MICROBLADING and Ombré effect.
3. Let's you Microblade hairstrokes using the 10 RSL needles in a row. Turn 45º and use the needle like a brush to get the Ombré sheer powder effect. NOTE: You can also use the LOVé 10RSL Curved Microblading needle in the LOVé HANDLE manually.

I like to start with the 10RSL in the handtool handle to make preliminary hairstrokes. Rub in pigment and topical anesthetic and go to second brow. Repeat.  Go back to Brow #1 and add or enhance strokes as needed. Rub in pigment and go to Brow #2 and repeat.  Now I take the cartridge out of the handtool and put it in the machine. I can adjust the depth of the needle in the handpiece as desired. Maybe you'll want to emphasize a hairstroke or go straight to the OMBRÉ effect. You will work with your needle like a brush to get the soft-fill effect. Don't overwork the skin. Send client home with RETAIN Ointment and have them send you "selfies" at 5 and 10 days. Do their focus visit at 4-6 weeks.  I'm doing a simple training video for you to take advantage of the 10RSL LOVé Microblading needle which will demonstrate both the handtool and the machine.