Smart-Lip-HandoutCoochie2 woman signIRed 742f you're discouraged with lips because they are too painful, don't keep their color, have splotchy results, take too long and you get stressed even at the thought of doing lips then you're not alone.  Have you had to add orange to your lipcolors to keep them from turning blue?  How about having little to no color after working so hard to get beautiful lips.  Tired of explaining to your clients that lipcolor doesn't last long? Have you ever tried to discourage a client from even getting lipcolor because you knew you just couldn't give them what they wanted?  Well, things are changing.  For the better.  Dr. Dixon has developed an entirely new technique for lipcolor as well as colors that are sure to please you and your clients.  Introduced at a conference in Disneyland on August 2nd, it became apparent that "dreams really can come true".  Even for lipcolor.  You can order her DVD and Smart Lip Guide to get you started.  From pain control to the proper tools, technique and colors, you can relax and start enjoying lipcolor clients.  Dr. Dixon shares her information with you and is offering Bootcamps on her Smart Lips™ Technique. Call 888/452-4946 to reserve your place in 2014.  You'll have several favorites such as Red 742 Natural Cool, Lip 846 Rich Peach and Lip 617 Profound Red.  Red 742 is the most popular.  It heals a vibrant, natural cool red.  Both lips below are healed and done with Red 742.  The lip on the right needs her lipline crisped up on her touchup.

Lip healed 742Lip healed 742 BabyLips

Black Ice 840 bottle

The most common request we have is for the blackest black possible that won't turn blue.  We've never given up trying to make a black eyeliner color that goes into the skin easily, is MRI safe and doesn't turn blue.  What you should know is that all blacks have blue undertones if they are pure.  So those undertones need to be neutralized in order for the black to stay black.  That is our goal with StaBlack™ BLACK ICE.  We hope you enjoy it.  Questions?  Call Toll Free 888/452-4956. A bit warmer than Black Silk. Very, very black.  Keep your needle direction toward the eye so you don't get a halo or splinter effect with this pigment.  Questions?  Toll Free 888/452-4946.  1/4 oz. $20.00 Contains Carbon Black.

Microneedling-Handout-and-DVD-photoMicroneedling is the new "secret weapon" against aging changes such as wrinkles and sun-damaged skin.  And we know that it is helpful in dealing with scars, including acne and facelift and burn scars.  Chances are you've been doing needling for awhile but the demand just hasn't been there.  Well, that's all changed now.  Microneedling is now shown to be equal to or more effective than expensive laser treatments for skin rejuvenation.  With the introduction of the effective and hygienic Dermatude™ Microneedling machine we've now got needles perfectly suited just for "needling".  The needles have Certificates of Sterilization, unlike cheaper machines that are flooding the market from China.


Now available for the first time is Dr. Dixon's Bootcamp MICRONEEDLING HANDOUT and DVD for just $29.95.  It contains step by step instructions on pain control, equipment, needles, procedures, benefits and risks of microneedling.  It also includes a statement for regulatory agencies with regard to permanent makeup professionals who get training in microneedling.  You'll get consent forms, Charting Zones and suggestions for how to charge for Microneedling.  Plus there are plenty of Photographs and case reports for your review. 

Areola Brochure DVD catalog-photoIf you're doing Areolas or you want to do Areolas, then you'll want Dr. Dixon's Helpful 22-page Guide and DVD.  Previously, only available to Bootcampers, you can now have your very own copy for just $29.95. It includes the 10 questions you should ask of breast cancer survivors, pain control, measurements, color choices, equipment and how to avoid pitfalls such as overworking the skin.  Learn 3 Dimensional Nipple effects and how to achieve them.  You'll enjoy the photographs of actual clients and the colorful charts to guide you each step of the way.  Order Dr. Dixon's Areola Handout today!