StaBrown-Trio-clip-828-829-830EYEBROW COLORS: There are many ways to try to keep Browns friendly.  Some turn pinkey-orangey.  Some tend to go ash.  That's why we work to make "BALANCED" Browns like the new StaBrown™ trio of WARM colors.  There are 3 colors now in the WARM family.  DARK, MEDIUM and MEDIUM with Yellow added.  And, you can add drops of Neutral Flesh or Blooper to make even softer, lighter colors (stir thoroughly).  You'll save 30% when you buy all three colors so act today!

9283-FADE-Skin-Exfoliant-PotFade Instructions and Overtattooing Article Here is the original Overtattooing Article synopsis by Dr. Norm Goldstein. He's reporting about Dr. Whitney Tope's presentation about tattoo removal.  Please read it.  Also attached are FADE instructions.  Do NOT Tattoo FADE™ into the skin; simply RUB it into skin that has been opened over the desired area with Dry Needles. Open attachment with Acrobat or Preview.


Tope ScreenshotMRIHave a question about MRI Safety and Permanent Makeup? A good resource is the website:  In the early days when there was lead in tattoo ink it was not safe.   Now pigments and ink do NOT contain lead.  Read this article and keep it in your office so you can answer your client's questions about MRI's and their permanent makeup.

Blue-or-Gray-Brow-Fix-9206-clipHBlue-Brow-Fix swatchave you ever had a client who wanted "just a hint of color" for her lips?  Not too much, mind you.  You know, dah'ling... just a bit of color.  So what do you do?  Just reach for "Blue Brow Fix #9206" of all things.  One customer uses Blue Brow Fix on Lips, even on blondes, for just a hint of natural lipcolor.

Of course Blue Brow fix turns those blue or gray brows to a warm Auburn as well.  That's why it was created.  But now you know what to reach for when a client wants natural lipcolor.  Reach for the FIX!

Medium-NuBrown swatchMedium-NuBrown-9907-clipMedium NuBrown heals a predictable, rich medium brown that does not ash out and does not go red.  A favorite for blondes as well as most skin types who want dimension.  Use alone for powdered, soft brow or with hairstrokes.  You may want to add a drop or two of Xpresso to make darker strokes at the focus visit.