Oh baby!  Let's just say when you grow up, we'll have good colors to go with your red hair.  You have several choices.  First, there's Strawberry Brown for you and also for your friends who aren't redheads.  It will correct "gray" eyebrows too and balance out brows that are too "ashy".  Then, you have Auburn NuBrown which is a rich, deep true auburn.  You may want that if your hair gets darker as you get older.  A lot of people like Ginger and some people like Goldilocks.  Red Brow Mix is a color you can add to any brow color.  So keep that in mind.  Because you are so fair, you can lighten (tint) your brow colors with a drop of Neutral Flesh.  You may want to buy the entire red brow set and save 25%.  Just call us at 888/664-9990 and we'll be glad to help.

You wouldn't put orange eyebrows on a baby, would you? Or purple?  Then why would you put them on an adult?  Now you can rest assured that your orangey, pinky or purpley brows are history.  A thing of the past.  Gone.  No joke.  Try Kolorsource NuBrowns and save time, headaches, embarrassment and frustration with color "hangovers" that are orange or purple for that matter.  And you can save money too!  Up to 25% if you buy the NuBrown Kit today.  Click here.  Ten (10) bottles of rich, lasting eyebrow colors. CocoNuBlonde, Medium, Deep, Rich, Ashe Blonde, Auburn, Xpreso, Fudge and Brunet.

My favorites are Blonde NuBrown, Coco and BrunetYou can correct orange eyebrows in a single step with the NuBrowns as well.  Your first session should be to put in hairstrokes with Coco or Blonde NuBrown OVER the orange brow.  Let it heal.  For purple brows, you'll have to control the color first with Bubblegum and then use the NuBrown Color over that.  You can call for more guidance.  Toll Free 888/664-9990.  So start your New Year out right and call today or Click here for the NuBrown Kit.  No more orangey, pinkey or purpley in the New Year.  It's time to baby your clients.

At last! An MRI-safe, rich brown for eyeliner. No worries about getting rabbit eyes (pinky, red) either.  Just thick, rich dark chocolate brown for those women who are bound and determined to not have black eyeliner.  It's true, sometimes black is a bit too severe for green or brown eyed beauties.  But now with BrownEyes you have a choice for even the most picky client.  Consider using Browneyes on the lower eyeliner and NuBlack added to Browneyes on the upper eyeliner for a balanced look.  It's your choice and now you can feel comfortable with a brown eyeliner.  No ink, no migration, no food coloring like some brands.  Just pure, hypoallergenic pigments so you can rest assured your clients will be confident in your hands.  And, it's great for Brows too.  Save 25% until January 31st Happy New Year.

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For Eyeshadow, Highlighting and Tri-Shadow techniques you'll save 25% on this kit of eight colors bound to please your clients. A handtool recommended with Velvet Needles for perfect shading.You can also use a 5-Slope® needle "Dixon Technique" with your Digital machine.  SMOKE is also a great color for eyeshadow "sultry" look.  It's an eyebrow color but is great for eyeshadow too.  (See photo on right)  The colors in the Item #405 Kit include Mauve Mist, Plum Mist, Aqua, Silver Mist, Jade Mist, Copper, Gold Dust and Blue Moon.  For that "line of light" or white line above eyeliner, use Mauve Mist.

It makes sense that a handtool Slope® needle should have two edges.  One with a longer edge, say 8 needles, and a shorter edge, say 3 needles.  And maybe a needle could have one edge with needles that are slightly finer than the other edge.  So it seems obvious now that Dr. Dixon's 2-in-1 Velvet Needles® for the permanent makeup handtool have some advantages over a plain slanted needle.  And most agree it's nice to have a choice of edges when doing fine work on the eyes, lips and brows.  In fact, it was such a good idea that the US Patent Office issued US Patent No. 7,695,486. Named "Victory" Needles by Dr. Dixon because their tips look like "V's", these needles are beloved by many.  In addition to their unique, patented design, they are Velvet Needles® which means the texture and taper of each needle is such that the diamond polished tips actually have "color pockets" that hold pigment and deliver it to the skin with each tap.  So you'll get in more color in less time and you can use each needle at least two ways for an extra measure of control. We're available to answer your questions online (see home page) or by calling toll free 888/664-9990.