Question: On 9/22/10 2:36 AM

Dr. Dixon

I have a potential client that I have some questions about her allergies.  She is allergic to Phenylenediamine; an ingredient in hair dye.  Is this ingredient in "Kolorsourse"?  Also she is allergic to rubber (which I use Latex gloves)  (or I use  latex free gloves on clients allergic to latex) and she is also allergic to petroleum.  SHOULD I EVEN CONSIDER HER FOR A CLIENT?  I have another potnetial client that  has "Leiden Factor 5" ; I feel that this would be a very risky client?  When I looked it up, this is what I found;  It I the most common hereditary blood disorder in the U.S.. It is present in 5% of Americans. Would you consider either of these people for permanent makeup?

Thank-you for your time & input (ERM)

Answer: Wed, Sep 22, 2010 10:13AM

Aloha Eileen,

Allergy client:  

  1. Phenylenediamine:  Our Kolorsource pigments do not contain phenylenediamine.
  2. I have seen a patient who was allergic to petrolatum.  The question is if they are allergic to Vaseline which contains a fragrance rather than petrolatum.  I spoke with the Vaseline people and they Vaseline is not for use around the eyes because of the fragrance.  I rather doubt she would be allergic to petrolatum (pure).
  3. Latex Allergy:  Even if you use “latex free” gloves, your client could still have an allergic reaction to the gloves.  Why?  Because the same chemical is used to cure “non-latex” gloves as latex gloves.
  4. Leiden Factor 5: I haven’t seen these clients.   But I am well aware of hypercoagulable disorders and their problems with deep venous thrombosis.

Take care.