At last! An MRI-safe, rich brown for eyeliner. No worries about getting rabbit eyes (pinky, red) either.  Just thick, rich dark chocolate brown for those women who are bound and determined to not have black eyeliner.  It's true, sometimes black is a bit too severe for green or brown eyed beauties.  But now with BrownEyes you have a choice for even the most picky client.  Consider using Browneyes on the lower eyeliner and NuBlack added to Browneyes on the upper eyeliner for a balanced look.  It's your choice and now you can feel comfortable with a brown eyeliner.  No ink, no migration, no food coloring like some brands.  Just pure, hypoallergenic pigments so you can rest assured your clients will be confident in your hands.  And, it's great for Brows too.  Save 25% until January 31st Happy New Year.  Click here to order.