You wouldn't put orange eyebrows on a baby, would you? Or purple?  Then why would you put them on an adult?  Now you can rest assured that your orangey, pinky or purpley brows are history.  A thing of the past.  Gone.  No joke.  Try Kolorsource NuBrowns and save time, headaches, embarrassment and frustration with color "hangovers" that are orange or purple for that matter.  And you can save money too!  Up to 25% if you buy the NuBrown Kit today.  Click here.  Ten (10) bottles of rich, lasting eyebrow colors. CocoNuBlonde, Medium, Deep, Rich, Ashe Blonde, Auburn, Xpreso, Fudge and Brunet.

My favorites are Blonde NuBrown, Coco and BrunetYou can correct orange eyebrows in a single step with the NuBrowns as well.  Your first session should be to put in hairstrokes with Coco or Blonde NuBrown OVER the orange brow.  Let it heal.  For purple brows, you'll have to control the color first with Bubblegum and then use the NuBrown Color over that.  You can call for more guidance.  Toll Free 888/664-9990.  So start your New Year out right and call today or Click here for the NuBrown Kit.  No more orangey, pinkey or purpley in the New Year.  It's time to baby your clients.