Oh baby!  Let's just say when you grow up, we'll have good colors to go with your red hair.  You have several choices.  First, there's Strawberry Brown for you and also for your friends who aren't redheads.  It will correct "gray" eyebrows too and balance out brows that are too "ashy".  Then, you have Auburn NuBrown which is a rich, deep true auburn.  You may want that if your hair gets darker as you get older.  A lot of people like Ginger and some people like Goldilocks.  Red Brow Mix is a color you can add to any brow color.  So keep that in mind.  Because you are so fair, you can lighten (tint) your brow colors with a drop of Neutral Flesh.  You may want to buy the entire red brow set and save 25%.  Just call us at 888/664-9990 and we'll be glad to help.