Fever_blisterYou've asked how I treat my patients with Fever Blisters who are to undergo a lip procedure.  I prescribe Valtrex 1500 mg in a single dose the day before or the day of the treatment.  That's 3 ea., 500 mg. tablets, at one time. If there is any hint of a breakout at Day 2 or 3, they need to repeat the same dose, Valtrex 1500 mg.  So I make the prescription refillable x 1. Valtrex comes in 500 mg tablets and the dose is 3 tablets at one time.  I no longer prescribe longer periods of taking Valtrex and I don't prescribe Acyclovir because it doesn't seem to work as well.  There's less chance that they'll forget to take their medicine when they only have to take it once, or maybe twice.  For the pain of a herpes breakout, there's nothing better than Numstick 5% lip balm.  I give all clients Numstick 5% lip balm to help the discomfort of lipcolor procedures. Keep several on hand for your lipcolor clients.  Also, Liprotek 7 has an anti-herpes ingredient in addition to a topical anesthetic for all known herpes clients. Fever blister outbreaks are inevitable in our profession because 20% of people with the herpes virus do not know they have it.  Rule:  Always get a history of fever blisters and document it on your chart.  No matter if it's been years since they had a breakout.  Treat everyone with herpes with Valtrex.  If someone breaks out without a known history of herpes, don't be surprised.  Just tell them to get treatment right away.  It's not your fault.