FADE inert mineral paste #9283


FADE inert mineral paste lets the color out! Lets skin heal from the "bottom up" instead of the top down. Use your machine or handtool to open the skin.  I often mix Neutral Flesh and RUB, RUB, RUB it into the open skin.  Read instructions below.

FADE is not a pigment removal and contains no acid.  Fade “lets” the color out.  Here’s how:
FADE is kaolin paste which has been used by doctors for centuries to help draw out impurities from wounds.  It can be used on eyelids, brows and lips.  Do not tattoo in FADE.  Only rub it into open skin.
When you open the skin, the epidermis wants to quickly restore itself as a barrier.  However, it can seal in color, bacteria, foreign bodies, etc.  When you “rub in FADE”, the little holes are plugged.  The result?
FADE keeps the skin open so that it can heal from the bottom up instead of from the top down. 
This allows the color that is in the skin to be pushed out in the scab during the healing process. 
You get color out of the skin the same way you put color into the skin.  Specifically, you open your skin with dry needles, no pigment. 
Take a Good BEFORE photograph of area to be corrected.
Step 1:  Apply topical anesthetic to desired area as usual.
Step 2:  Open skin with dry needles by hand or with machine (#3 or 5 slant).  You should see the smallest pinpoint of blood so you know you are in the dermis.
Step 3:  Stir FADE paste well.  
Step 4:  Put FADE into a pigment cup and add 1-2 drops lime juice and stir well.
Step 5:  Rub FADE thoroughly into open skin.  Set timer for 10 minutes. 
Step 6:  At the end of 10 minutes, clean area gently with cotton swab and Eyewash (not water).
Step 7:  Repeat the dry needle over the desired area ever so gently again. 
Step 8:  Rub in a matching flesh color of pigment.  Best colors: Neutral Flesh, Perfect Flesh or Camelot.
Step 9:  Wait 10 minutes. 
Step 10:  Remove excess pigment with damp swab but make sure flesh pigment is covering area completely. 
Step 11:  Instruct your client to NOT put anything on her skin.  Just clean her skin and leave it dry.  She should keep skintone foundation or camouflage makeup over the area. 
Step 12: Make sure you take a good BEFORE and AFTER picture. 
Step 13:  Make follow-up appointment with client in 4-5 weeks.  Instruct her to keep the area covered with camouflage makeup and not to pick at the area.
Note: Keep lime juice out of eye.


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