Softap® Lightning Pigment Exfoliant #5600

Description Tap Lightning into area of undesired color. Several sessions may be required with one month healing time between them. Do not overwork the skin. Can be used on new or old pigment due to undesired color or placement. 2 small tubes good for 2-4 sessions. Suggested Consent for Pigment Lightening with Softap "Lightning" Paste I______________(client's name) had previous work done on my ____________________ (what areas) on approximately ____________________(date). The work was done by __________________________(name of previous technician who performed undesirable work). I was not happy with the work that was done. I now want to attempt to have it lightened. I have not been given an guarantees as to how the results of the pigment lightening may be. I understand that several treatments may be needed in order to achieve the desired results, if in fact they can be obtained.. I have been told of other options such as laser and I have decided to pass on those methods. I have also been told that permanent scarring, keloid (raised scar), hypo and/or hyperpigmentation (lightening and/or darkening of the tissue) will be a result of the attempt to lighten the pigment from the desired area. I agree that I will not hold ______________(name of permanent makeup technician who will attempt to lighten the pigment) or ______________________(name of salon or establishment) or the manufacturer or distributor of the pigment lightener liable for any damage that may occur as a result. I agree that all of the above is treue and correct and by my signature I agree to the above. __________________________________ _______________________ Signature of Client Date ___________________________________ _________________________ Witness thereof Date


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