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DIAMOND Skinmaster 2 handpieces 1388

Price, performance, power and choice of two handpieces ...


PB Royal Red 1385 Lip 1/2 oz.

This is a cool red/pink lip pigment that replaces, but is ...


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Dream Brow Nubrown #45 1/2 oz Brows

Dream NuBrown is definitely the most popular Brow Color for ...



1335 Scarlett BLONDE Brow 1/2 oz.

Think of Scarlett Johanson and this rich, warm, medium tone ...


1336 Goldie BLONDE Brow PB 1/2 oz.

Goldie Hawn perfectly describes this GOLDIE Blonde Brow ...


1337 Gwyneth BLONDE Brow 1/2 oz.

Gwyneth BLONDE brings Gwyneth Paltrow to mind. One in a ...


1364 Autumn Brow Davies PB

Our AUTUMN Pigment is part of a warm series of colors ...


1365 Sunset BROW Davies PB

Our SUNSET Pigment is part of a warm series of colors ...


1366 Toffee BROW Davies PB

Our TOFFEE Pigment is part of a warm series of colors ...


PB Raisin 1249 Cool 1/2 oz.

PermaBlend Raisin is a very cool mixing color. Highly ...


1247 Olive Green Permablend 1/2 oz

Perma Blend Olive Green is an ashy, cool corrector or ...


Black Ice Eyeliner Pigment: Rich Black

Black Ice offers black eyeliner with a minimum of blue ...


Mink #3590 1/2 oz Eyeliner

Known originally as MUD, MINK is Brown trying to be Black. ...


Spanish Eyes #9178 1/2 oz Eyeliner

Deepest, blackest brown for eyeliner. Can use for brows too.


Navy Blue Iris 1232 1/2 oz. Eyeliner Permablend

This is a cool blue pigment. It can be used for eyeliner.


Coal 1233 Eyeliner Color Permablend

This is a cool, black color that can be used for eyeliner.


1235 Eyeliner Black Permablend

This is a cool black pigment, lighter than Double Black. It ...


1209 Ebony Brown Tina Davies PB 1/2 oz.

Our Ebony Pigment is a dark-value with a yellow base. This ...


1239 Vivid Blue Eyeliner Permablend

1239 Vivid Blue Eyeliner Pigment by Permablend is a ...


1386 Darkest Forest Brown Permablend

If you love Forest Brown, but want it a bit darker, then ...


Flesh Perfect #9788 1/2 oz

Rich, warm flesh color. Not too much yellow. Perfect for ...