Skinmaster™ Duet PMU, Microneedling Digital Cordless Machine #94

This machine was originally for Skin Needling but also could do permanent makeup. It takes all ORIGINAL, old needles. For 2018 you should go to the RC Skinmaster Cordless Machine for $1150. Save!

Good news if you're sick and tired of machines that are unreliable, unsafe or out of your budget. Meet the SkinMaster™ Duet! 1. You will love the Skinmaster family of machines. Let's talk about Duet, the Skinmaster CORDLESS Freedom model. Here you see it in it's cradle that turns it on and off automatically. The cord is optional and can be used to charge the battery or to run the machine. The battery lasts 4 hours on slow speeds and 2 hours on high speeds. Charge until "green light" comes on, then remove. Do not leave on charger overnight. 2. Do BOTH Microneedling and Permanent Makeup with all of the Skinmaster Machines. 3. BACKFLOW PROTECTION: The cartridges have a patent pending on the backflow prevention sleeve. This gives your client the protection they deserve. Click here to see Dr. Dixon's backflow test. 4. Seven needle cartridges are available for your Skinmaster. Needle sizes: 1,3,5 point round, 4,6 flat for permanent makeup and 12 point for Microneedling. 5. You can DIAL YOUR DEPTH for the needles right on the handle. You'll soon learn what your favorite needle depths are. The range designed is from 0-2.0mm needle depth. You'll use .75-1.0mm a lot for both permanent makeup and microneedling. I put it out a tad more for wrinkles. 6. Choose your speed: 1-5 for most models and 10 for the Skinmaster 10 (which you don't need). 7. SkinMaster Duet with the Blue Ring: $1400. I use this cordless version because it has a cradle that you put your handpiece into and the power shuts off immediately. When you lift up the handpice to work, the machine starts right up. Amazing. Warranty: 1 year replacement warranty. Motor: German. Does not overheat. Can use with cord or cordless. Call 888-452-4946. Just ask for the 'BLUE RING' Skin Master. We will call you back if we miss your call. The cartridges are the same for all the Skinmaster units. What do you get when you combine precision control, silent beauty and proven safety with the most powerful yet gentle color delivery system? Skinmaster Duet. The power of digital in a beautiful high tech package. This precision-designed state-or-the-art system comes with a full 1 year replacement warranty and is perfected for permanent cosmetic procedures AND Microneedling. You’ll put in even color with precision you only dreamed was possible. Whisper silent. A superb investment. • No wobble • No splatter •Dial-a-Depth™ Handpiece • Patented "no backflow" hygienic needle cartridge •Stay in control •Doctor recommended

Extra battery is available for the added charge of $150.00/each. Ask for the Part #966: BLUE RING Skinmaster Duet Battery. Call 888-452-4946.


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