1386 Dark Forest Brown Permablend

If you love Forest Brown, but want it a bit darker, then you'll love DARK Forest Brown. Perma Blend Dark Forest Brown is a dark value brown with yellow base. Has more yellow base than Fudge. Beautiful for microblading but mix with Tina's Gold Sunrise or Burnt Sienna. This is a cool dark brown pigment. It can be used for eyebrows or eyeliner.

Dark Forest Brown may be the newest kid on the block, but if you love Forest Brown then you'll LOVE Dark Forest Brown. Great for brow hairstrokes and fabulous for eyeliner as well.


Name C.I. C.A.S. EC
Pigment Yellow 14 CI 21095 5468-75-7 279-017-2
Pigment Yellow 97 CI 11787 12225-18-2
Pigment White 6 CI 77891 13463-67-7 236-675-5
Pigment Red 254 CI 56110 CAS No. : 84632-65-5
Pigment Black 6 CI 77266 1333-86-4 215-609-9


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