Dream NuBrown #45 1/2 oz BROW

Powerful dark brown with a hint of warmth. Best for hairstrokes and people who want very powerful dark brown. Rich brown that won’t turn orange or pink.

Dream NuBrown is definitely the most popular Brow Color for Asians. I add Warmup or Bubblegum to warm up or soften Dream NuBrown as it can tend to heal grayish, almost charcoal. But I still start with Dream for a dark brow and Microblading.

Balanced rich dark blend for a DARK brown that will not turn orangey, pinkey. Darker than #3312 Coco or #44 Honey Nubrown. Add #1047, WARMUP or #4400 Bubblegum to add warmth. Add RED BROW MIX #9110 for darkest Auburn.  In this picture, you can see Dream Brow mixed with WARMUP 1047, Dream Brow alone,  with Blooper 6955 and then Bubblegum 4400 mixed in.  To see undertones in a pigment, mix one drop of the color with one drop of Blooper. Make your own swatches or do the BLOT test on your client's forehead to choose best brow color. Dream Nubrown #45 is a favorite of many.



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