AGE FACTOR 965 Armesso 5/pk



Treatment to restructure all the skin layers. Stimulates and activates the fibroblasts, reshaping and regenerating the Extracellular Matrix. During the process of skin aging and generation of stretch marks, there is a common mechanism: the decreasing and the loss of elastic fibers and collagen, lack of the glucosaminoglycans and other components of the Extracellular Matrix. Due to the recent advances in the pathophysiology of these events, ARMESSO got inspired to develop a last generation treatment to restructure all the skin layers, to stimulate and to activate the fibroblasts, reshaping and regenerating the Extracellular Matrix. 
Treatment for photo- aging, facial rejuvenating and Stretch marks EGF (Oligopeptide-3) Promotes the production of keratinocytes and fibroblasts. It reduces and prevents the formation of wrinkles and expression lines. It improves the skin tone, recuperating a jovial skin look. It reduces facial scars. TGF-Beta-3 It induces the proliferation, growth and differentiation of fibroblasts. It promotes the formation and repair of the Extracellular Matrix. It promotes the formation of new epidermis cells therefore helping with wounds healing.  It reduces wrinkles and stretch marks due to the stimulus of collagen and elastin synthesis. Caffeine Studies performed in morphology, epidermis cell regeneration and hair follicles, proved that the association of Caffeine with specific growth factors (EGF, VEFG) reinforce their properties.  Item #965 $86.00  [Compare: $126 at Amazon]


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