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Skinmaster 7 REVO Digital LOV™ Machine 1113Skinmaster MediTouch Digital Machine 1058

Skinmaster LOV™ Handle for Microblading Cartridge Needle 1132
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Skinmaster LOV™ Handle for Microblading Cartridge Needle 1132

Price per Unit (piece): $10.00

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Brow-Practice-RSL-10-SKinmaster-vinyl-faceUse PRACTICE SKIN like this to do your hairstrokes with the LOV™ Needle in the LOV™ Handle. Then remove the needle from the handle and put it into your Skinmaster 7 or Deluxe handpiece and set the depth between a nickel and a dime and the speed between 4 and 5. Starting 1/3 of the way back from the beginning of the brow, brush upward toward the arch and then downward toward the tail. You can brush horizontally or parallel to your hair strokes. You'll get a soft effect and, if you are stretching properly, you'll feel the skin vibrate under your needles. Think of skipping stones over water. Practice. You'll get a very natural brow with no solid color, blotches or stripes or lines with this needle used properly in the machine handpiece. Good luck, Dr. Dixon

This 10 point LOV sterile needle cartridge for Microblading offers you the ability to do fine hairstrokes PLUS the Ombré powdered brow with a single. Use it in a handtool or machine to get the blended effect that makes a COMPLETE BROW everytime. Less pain, Less cutting. Less slicing. Less Blood. Less Blur. Less Gray. Less tilt. All in a patented hygienic cartridge.

Dr. Dixon's Microstroking Steps:

1. Make hairstrokes lightly WITHOUT Pigment.
2. DAB Ultra Duration over the Brow with a cotton swab
3. RUB pigment over brow.
4. Wait about 3-5 minutes.
5. Go to 2nd Brow: Repeat these steps
6. Return to 1st Brow. Dab clean.
7. Apply NUMPOT Ointment lightly and remove excess.
8. Observe your brow for any visible hairstrokes.
9.  Do you like your pattern of hairstrokes? Direction? Curve? Length? Placement?
10. Make adjustments and begin. DIP, TAP and STROKE (see my video)
11. Do NOT clean the skin yet. RUB in pigment and keep going.
12. At end of procedure, press in pigment and add a little Numpot and let sit for 10 minutes.
13. Prior to leaving, dab brow gently clean so it photographs well and doesn't look greasy.
14. Send client home with RETAIN and explain they must keep their hands and face clean.
15. You should NOT spend more than about 40 minutes on the procedure to avoid overworking the skin.




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