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This patented needle is curved for brow hair strokes.


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Travel Size Sharps Container. Protection while you travel as needles are safely placed inside this Sharps cone. You'll need to dispose of it at your local hospital or handling center.


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You will love this needle; designed by Dr. Dixon. She uses it for making two fine hairstrokes in either the LOV handle or any digital handpiece; she uses it for SHADING (Ombré effect) brows and for color correcting brows that need it. This will become...


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This needle works in the Skinmaster handtool LOV™ Handle for microblading FINE hairstrokes. Then put it into the Skinmaster 7 or Deluxe digital handpiece. Turn the needle 90 degree sideways to brush in soft color for Ombre Brow effect. You will see the color skip...


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