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The secret for good lip color. Protects the teeth and the lips. Lipguards provide a smooth surface while tattooing the lips. No more pressing the lip into the spaces between the teeth. I use them when filling in lipcolor, after I do the Quickpass and...


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Perfect to hold 4 pigments or TAG #45 gel, Numpot™ or Landers Lotion to clean skin.


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Refill your Microbrush Dispenser with these pre-packaged brushes that drop into your dispense with ease.


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The most popular Areola colors are Baby Lips (and Areola); Nude Lip Mix (and Areola); Neutral Flesh (for highlights) and Brown Sugar (for shadowing beneath nipple area.


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Get eyebrows symmetrical at last. This handy device lets you get eyebrows spaced and aligned properly without any fuss.


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Sharpen any pencil for brows from thin to thick with this handy "2-in-1" sharpener in transparent, purple color. Buy two. One for you at home and one for work. Sanitize as needed with alcohol and cotton swab.


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Shapes bushy brows quickly. Brows will grow back. Pack of 3 ea.


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This handy ring can be used to mark the size and outline of the areola you are going to tattoo. You can use it to compare with the opposite breast. Clean with EZ Kill wipe after use. Can autoclave if desired. The outside diameter is...

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Softap Cartridges fit snuggly into this handle. Whether you like this shape or the Click-Stick handle, you're sure to enjoy all the Softap needle cartridges available.


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Universal Brow Pencil changes color depending on client's skin. Useful for helping predict any color shift toward warm or cool when you implant pigment. Uses the pH of your hair follicle to determine ideal eyebrow color match One color works for everyone Provides natural three...


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Pre-procedure: Dip into pigment and mark skin with dots or strokes for brows, lips and eyeliner.


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