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TAG #45 Gel has been the favorite and safest topical anesthetic for broken skin since 1998. Free of tetracaine, TAG controls pain, swelling and bleeding. To make sure you are getting the original, authentic TAG, and not a knock-off from Asia, just look at the...


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Stops pain, bleeding and swelling on broken skin. Popular for MICROBLADING and lips.


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Favorite eyeliner topical.Same pH as human tears; 7.52. Numbs eyelids in 20 minutes. Doesn't melt and run into eyes. Safe and effective. No prescription needed.


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5% Lidocaine ointment keeps skin numb. Soothing, moisturizing topical OTC strength. Use before, during and after procedures.


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5% Lidocaine gel deadens pain and constricts blood vessels for long lasting relief.


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Comfort Cream™ is a pH balanced topical anesthetic cream for use by professionals. Contains Lidocaine 3%, Tetracaine 2% and Epinephrine 0.015%. Temporarily relieves pain from superficial skin injuries such as cuts, scrapes and abrasions. Physicians will appreciate Comfort Cream™ Topical anesthetic for many superficially painful...


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DOTC Blue has been providing relief from pain for 19 years. Apply to desired area for 20-40 minutes, depending upon skin thickness. Keep out of eye and rinse eye thoroughly if any direct contact occurs. No occlusive dressings near eyes. For thick skin or electrolysis,...


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Doctor's herbal healing formula. Can use after eyeliner and brows as well as lips and areola.  Also great for body tattoos.  No petrolatum.  No animal testing.  Proven formula, hypo-allergenic.


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Squeeze bottle makes easy application of this soothing topical. Use before superficially painful procedures for 15-20 minutes. pH 7.8


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Never send a client home empty handed. After you're finished with your eyeliner, brows or lips, your client will appreciate the Healquick stick balm which is easy to apply and hygienic. Healquick is a healing ointment stick with botanicals to soothe and protect permanent makeup...


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5% Lidocaine numbs lips and eyelids before, during and after procedure. Soothing ointment formula moisturizes skin. Stops Fever Blister Pain FAST! Apply as needed to desired area. Calms the pain of fever blisters QuicK!


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Liprotek #7 Medicated Lipbalm Liprotek helps soothe and moisturize full lipcolor procedures AND has the added protection of a herpes inhibitor , local anesthetic and herbal antioxidants for healing. A real favorite!


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