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Dr. Linda H Dixon is a physician in Kailua, Hawaii who has a passion for cosmetic tattooing. She became interested in the field in 1979 when she was allergic to eye makeup and decided to have a tattoo artist tattoo on her eyeliner. She later received training in permanent makeup in 1995 and has since developed various products and techniques for the field, including a line of pigments, needles specifically for cosmetic tattooing, and a technique called "Slope." She is also the president of the American Academy of Micropigmentation and has shared her knowledge and products with other professionals through conferences.

Dr. Dixon

Dr. Linda H Dixon participated in a competition in Korea in 2004 where people were practicing a technique similar to microblading, although it was not called that at the time. She did not try the technique herself until 2013, when she started experimenting with it while also learning from other professionals such as Tina Davies and Joyce Cirasuola. Dr. Dixon is now offering board certification in microblading through the American Academy of Micropigmentation. To be certified, individuals must meet certain eligibility requirements and pass a written and oral exam. Upon successful completion, they will become a Certified Microblading Professional and be able to use the CMP logo on their website and documentation.

The future of micropigmentation (permanent makeup) will be influenced by increased regulation, increased competition, increased demand, and the impact of microblading. Technology has improved in the field, including advances in pain control and the development of hygienic single-use cartridges for machines. However, competition has led to a decrease in prices and profits for some professionals, and there are concerns about the training and regulation of non-permanent makeup professionals who are offering microblading services. Traditional makeup companies are also entering the market with long-lasting products, which may impact the demand for permanent makeup services. The digital age has both benefits and risks for professionals, as it allows for the sharing of information and access to a wide audience, but also exposes them to online attacks and the spread of misinformation. It is important for professionals to carefully consider their online presence and to protect themselves and their clients by following proper regulations and hygiene practices.

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