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This 24 prong straight, ultra fine, "workhorse needle" from Softap is best for gorgeous eyeliner, thick lipliner and does dense eyebrows with ease. Two rows of 12 needles set very close together to give optimal dense color.


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70 Prong Fine Straight: This configuration has five rows of fine needles set very close together. The 70 is a fantastic needle for thicker upper eyeliner and naturally fuller lash enhancements. Eyebrows and medium/thick lip liner can also be done with the 70 prong.


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Powerful, Patented 12 point Microneedle for use with Skinmaster™ 1500 10-speed unit or Skinmaster™ 750 5-speed handpiece. No backflow. Dial-a-depth from 0 to 2.0mm.


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The 3 Micro Needle is made from very fine gauge needles which are "flexible". Used for fine lines like brow hairstrokes and when you need to get into small, critical spaces. Make sure you use the needles at the proper angle or you can easily...


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Nouveau Contour


Travel Size Sharps Container. Protection while you travel as needles are safely placed inside this Sharps cone. You'll need to dispose of it at your local hospital or handling center.


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Work with the control of an angled makeup brush. You can line 3 ways with the 5 Slope. You can also shade 3 ways and do your "power tapping" just like a handtool but the needles do the work for you. Much easier on your...


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Nouveau Contour


3 Ultrafine 0.18mm needles in the REVO adjust-a-flow™ clear tip combine to make a very fine line or dot. You have all the benefits of the nano-type needle but you can carry more color between the tips than a single needle. Control? You've got it!...


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5 pack of REVO 12 point Microneedling Cartridges $65.00. Best for facial wrinkles, scars, acne and overall skin tones. Depth adjustable from 0-2.0 mm. Use in any Skinmaster REVO machine. For older Skinmaster machines you need to order Item # 937.


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Needle on the right: The Skinmaster #1106 Ultrafine REVO-1 is the finest single needle available at 0.18 mm to make realistic hairstrokes. A tight “flattening” grip on the brow is the key to success as youll feel the vibration under your fingers. Always start in...


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SMR-5SL 5 Slope for the Skinmaster has fine, 0.30 mm needles for fine eyeliner or brow hairstrokes; use 5-wide, 5-in-a-row or top needle as a single needle. First Slope was designed and used in 2001 by Dr. Linda Dixon. Now the Slope needles are a...


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SMR-5DSL 5 Duo-Slope Revo .40 mm Needle 1101 5 pk/ Reg Taper Dixon Use wide edge of 4 needles for upper eyeliner; use narrow edge for lower eyeliner. Rotate Handpiece for desired stroke thickness. Toll Free 888-452-4946


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SMR-3SL 3 Slope for the Skinmaster has fine, 0.33 mm needles for fine eyeliner or brow hairstrokes; use 3-wide, 3-in-a-row or top needle as a single needle. First 3-Slope was designed and used in 2001 by Dr. Linda Dixon. Now the Slope needles are a...


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