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Doctor's herbal healing formula. Can use after eyeliner and brows as well as lips and areola. Also great for body tattoos.  No petrolatum.  No animal testing. Proven formula hypo-allergenic.


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Powerful, Patented 12 point Microneedle for use with Skinmaster™ 1500 10-speed unit or Skinmaster™ 750 5-speed handpiece. No backflow. Dial-a-depth from 0 to 2.0mm.


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The 3 Micro Needle is made from very fine gauge needles which are "flexible". Used for fine lines like brow hairstrokes and when you need to get into small, critical spaces. Make sure you use the needles at the proper angle or you can easily...


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Nouveau Contour


Travel Size Sharps Container. Protection while you travel as needles are safely placed inside this Sharps cone. You'll need to dispose of it at your local hospital or handling center.


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Kolorsource Store


5 pack of REVO 12 point Microneedling Cartridges $65.00. Best for facial wrinkles, scars, acne and overall skin tones. Depth adjustable from 0-2.0 mm. Use in any Skinmaster REVO machine. For older Skinmaster machines you need to order Item # 937.


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12-point microneedling cartridge needle best for facial wrinkles, scars, acne and overall skin tones. Depth adjustable from 0-2.0 mm. Can be used in all Skinmaster REVO machines. For older machines you'll need Product #686.


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3 Ultrafine 0.18mm needles in the REVO adjust-a-flow™ clear tip combine to make a very fine line or dot. You have all the benefits of the nano-type needle but you can carry more color between the tips than a single needle. Control? You've got it!...


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15 pack of 9 Magnum Needle Cartridges for $130. Who uses this needle? Brenda Wolk likes this needle. Magnums are "woven" needle configurations. The 9 magnum is 4 top needles over 5 bottom needles.


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Friendly to use, this 7 round REVO needle is like riding in a luxury car. It puts color in very smoothly. Remember your stretch needs to be very tight. Good for eyeliner and lips. See notes.


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This 6-flat REVO Needle for the Skinmaster 7 and Deluxe is popular with seasoned professionals. Use wide or like "ducks in a row", this needle carries lots of color between the tips. It can also be used as a brush or a shovel or even...


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SMR-5DSL 5 Duo-Slope Revo .40 mm Needle 1101 5 pk/ Reg Taper Dixon Use wide edge of 4 needles for upper eyeliner; use narrow edge for lower eyeliner. Rotate Handpiece for desired stroke thickness. Toll Free 888-452-4946


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4-flat REVO Needle Cartridge. For the Skinmaster 2017 machines including the DELUXE, 7 Speed and 5 Speed. There are many uses for the 4-flat from eyeliner to hairstrokes. Keep some handy for those stubborn areas that need more color than a single needle can carry.


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