B2B DARK: Control Blue Eyeliner 1/4 oz #839

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May 28 - Jun 01


Picture this. Your client comes to you with eyeliner that was done years ago. Or perhaps brows that were initially very dark. But, now they are blue or gray and she wants them a rich, dark black again. Fact: The only color to last that long is a carbon black that is the basis of tattoo inks. And the only way you can modify that brow with a LASTING RESULT is with an organic modifier like B2B DARK (Blue to Brown/Black) with a powerful neutralizer base. Once you control the unwanted color, you can then proceed to work toward her desired color. Use straight over eyeliner that has gone blue. For brows, I recommend you do a couple of "test" hairstrokes first before doing the entire brow because it is quite a dark color. For brows I recommend B2B MEDIUM for a rich, medium golden brown color. Examine the smears above and you can see the undertones of B2B DARK and how to warm it up (Bubblegum) or just soften it (Neutral Flesh)....View More

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