Skinmaster LOV™ Handle for Microblading Cartridge Needle #1132

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May 28 - Jun 01


Use PRACTICE SKIN like this to do your hairstrokes with the LOV™ Needle in the LOV™ Handle. Then remove the needle from the handle and put it into your Skinmaster 7 or Deluxe handpiece and set the depth between a nickel and a dime and the speed between 4 and 5. Starting 1/3 of the way back from the beginning of the brow, brush upward toward the arch and then downward toward the tail. You can brush horizontally or parallel to your hair strokes. You'll get a soft effect and, if you are stretching properly, you'll feel the skin vibrate under your needles. Think of skipping stones over water. Practice. You'll get a very natural brow with no solid color, blotches or stripes or lines with this needle used properly in the machine handpiece. Good luck, Dr. Dixon...View More

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