DELUXE Skinmaster 10 Digital PMU and Microneedling Machine #1056

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May 28 - Jun 01


The world is at your fingertips with the Skinmaster 10 DELUXE. Literally. Just press a button and you'll adjust speed. Twist the dial on the handpiece and adjust the needle depth. Power and Precision are combined in this digital machine that is 2-for-1 in function. Needles shown in chart at right are not included.You'll have all the needle configurations in the chart at your right. Yes! All the Dixon Slope needle designs and more. Plus the 12 Point Microneedling Head. Dr. Dixon loves the No. 5 point Round needle for eyeliner especially. Needles sold separately. 888-452-4946 DIGITAL 10 Setting Information: Divide RPM/60 to get strokes/second. Setting 2: 70 (4166 rpm)Setting 3: 72 (4297 rpm)Setting 4: 74 (4418 rpm)Setting 5: 77 (4580 rpm)Setting 6: 79 (4707 rpm)Setting 7: 81 (4829 rpm)Setting 8: 83 (4977 rpm)Setting 9: 92 (5128 rpm)Setting 10: 120 (6850 rpm) Shipping charges, based upon actual package weight, will be added. For this machine we will ship your order via FEDEX because of the high dollar value. We do not want to take a chance of loss....View More

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