Lavish Microblading Stencil Series #1 - #1166

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May 28 - Jun 01


MADE IN THE USA, the Lavish Microblading Stencil makes drawing outline boxes easy and quick. 3 sizes in each series. This is Series #1. Expect 5 more soon. By Brandi Snyder. Lavish Beauty is extremely proud to present... The VERY FIRST Microblading stencil EVER! Drawing outline boxes has never been easier. There is finally an easy solution! Draw a perfect set of brows in just a few minutes! Lavish's Microblading stencil has a perfect outline around the brow shape specifically custom designed for Microblading! Series #1 comes in one of Lavish Beauty's favorite shapes! 3 sizes come in each series. The full stencil line will come in 6 series. Due to the sanitary nature of use, all sales are final. Clean stencils with EZ Kill or similar wipe or spray. Let dry....View More

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