Areola-Chapman-with-painted-on-pigmentQuestion: Hi Linda, ...  I also do tattoo the nipples so they can look nicer, do you have the color specially for this purpose? My customers are mainly Asians.  Thank you very much for your time, TT
Answer: Dear TT,

Areola: This photo shows an areola where I have painted on the desired colors first. I always start an areola with NUDE LIP and AREOLA Mix (the darkest color).  Then I put a little half-moon shadow below the nipple area in HONEY NuBrown.  I use a little NEUTRAL FLESH to highlight the nipple in a little half-moon above the nipple. Sometimes you want a very soft areola color and that is called BABY LIPS and AREOLA. Baby Lips softens the outer border of the areola and is excellent for fair clients with pale, pink areolas.  I always paint on the color and then start working over that. The 5 Slope® Needle is the best needle by far for Areola work, including the scars. I've also learned to tilt the 5 Slope® Needle at about a 15º angle as I work. SAVE! when you buy the Areola Kit-1 #9982 with 7 colors.  5 Slope® NeedleI've shared several Areola videos on Just search for my name there: Linda H Dixon MD (or Dr. Linda Dixon)  Note: Do not put in color over scars that are outside of the areola itself.