Black Ice Eyeliner Pigment: Rich Black #840

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May 28 - Jun 01


The most common request we have is for the blackest black possible that won't turn blue. We've never given up trying to make a black eyeliner color that goes into the skin easily, is MRI safe and doesn't turn blue. What you should know is that all blacks have blue undertones if they are pure. So those undertones need to be neutralized in order for the black to stay black. That is our goal with BLACK ICE. We hope you enjoy it. If your eyeliner does go bluish, add a little B2B Medium to Black Ice and use this mixture at your touchup or focus visit. You definitely need two sessions on eyeliner. Don't go too deep. This can add Blue to your healed result as well. Questions? Call Toll Free 888/452-4956....View More

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