Bubblegum - HELPS Prevent and Correct Colors: Mix, Areola #4400

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Jul 14 - Jul 18


Bubblegum is a Universal Color that adds warmth and corrects as well as help prevent undesirable colors. Known as a MIXING color, it can be added to a color or used alone. It is used to SOFTEN some brow colors as well.BLUE LIPS: Bubblegum helps control of unwanted blue in lips and prevents it too. Known as lip insurance add a drop or two to your lip colors in dark-skinned clients.GREEN BROWS: Bubblegum is opaque and when used with a Dixon Technique 5 slope needle you can literally brush a layer over the unwanted color in brows, lips, eyeliner and areola. You can make a "wash" by adding sterile saline (eyewash) to Bubblegum. PURPLE/BLUE BROWS: Use B2B MEDIUM to correct blue, purple or gray in old eyebrows that were done with ink or organic pigments that contained blue and red (so-called 'non iron-oxide pigments). Need help? Call Dr. Dixon at 808/263-7747. She'll try to call you back within 1-2 days....View More

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