Nude Lip 1/2 oz Lip, Mix, Areola #9101

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May 28 - Jun 01


Add Nude Lip to just about any lipcolor to add opacity and depth. Add to Red Pepper for vibrant, edgy and rich lipcolor. Tap into lipline for brownish lipliner color (don't use machine unless " power tapping" with Dixon Slope 5 needle). You have to make friends with the lips and areola in order to enhance or replace what nature gave to your client. Use less than 30-40% Nude Lip mix to avoid bluish or purplish areas. Adds natural coolness and opacity to many lipcolors that are translucent. Dr. Dixon uses NUDE Lip Mix on 100% of her Areola Cases (in Hawaii). For more fair clients, you may want to start with Baby Lips/Areola. Save when you buy the Areola Kit....View More

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